Welcome to TheMasterPiece

TheMasterPiece is an 8K community piece of art made up of 33,177,600 pixels. Each pixel is an NFT storing a color and a position (X, Y) - This NFT is entirely "On-Chain", no external storage is used like IPFS Pixels, divided into 1024 sectors, will be created and distributed step by step, allowing a community of owners to contribute to TheMasterPiece and join in painting this artwork through time. After the distribution of a quarter of TheMasterPiece, a marketplace will be activated to allow everyone to resell their pixels at any price. The marketplace is based entirely on Flow smart contracts and uses the Flow token. This project will allow - to create an 8K, fully on chain, crypto piece of art - to bring the same liquidity as a Fungible Token market to a Non Fungible Token market - to represent an entire crypto market as a unique work of art in constant evolution. Our smart contracts were designed using Cadence on the Flow emulator, validated and challenged on testnet for months and approved on mainnet by Dapper Labs. Our project is listed on Flowverse

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